Walking in Rest


Man is to reflect the glory of God the way the moon reflects the light from the sun. Adam sinned and moved out of the position where he reflected God’s glory. He moved away from his position of rest.

Rest is the position where you reflect the glory of God. It where you maximise your potential; similar to how a fish maximises life in water. Rest is the lifestyle we adopt in Jesus. It is physically adopting what is spiritually established.

Rest is entered into; it is intentional. It is active not passive. When you start believing in God, you start to adopt the lifestyle of rest.  Therefore, the path to rest is called faith Rom 1:17. Faith is God’s constant word directing you into His purpose Psa 119:105.

In rest, you have knowledge of the outcome which is what God has already spiritually determined, so build your expectation according to the word and not human expectation.

The outcome (manifestation) is as important as your path (faith) to get it. Don’t be like Abraham who used his thinking to get Ishmael. Although he became a father, the promise was tied to Sarah’s offspring. Don’t start with rest and move onto your works Gal 3:3

Rest is not the absence of trouble but assurance of victory. It is different from utopia which is when everything is going well. The opposite of rest is not work but anxiety.

Anxiety is an emotional signal that things are spiritually misaligned. Rest and peace is a signal to you that things have fallen into the right places. To deal with anxiety, pray.