Wealth Transfer Conference


Hagg 2:8. God owns all gold.

Gen 2:10 The land of Havilah has gold. Part of our inheritance/dominion is gold.

Isa 45: 2 It is a battle to gain gold but God has already gone ahead of you (vs 2) and has won the battle. You just need to pursue God and you will receive what He has already given you Matt 6:32-33

Gold is not just for earrings, gaining gold is a way to know God (Isa 45:3b)

The wealth of the heathen i.e. wealth used for evil has been given to the righteous to use for good works)

Jephthah was a mighty man but….Everyone has a weakness. As a Christian, you qualify to be used by God’s because of your weakness.

Jephthah’s weakness was that he was an illegitimate child borne by a prostitute. Although this was not his fault, his half brothers denied him any inheritance and sent him away. He then became a leader of men of ill repute, which is a free choice he made. With no inheritance and pedigree to boast of, he had nothing to lose in a battle. It might have been a bit more difficult for a seemingly successful Jephthah to go and fought for Israel. What do you consider your weakness? What do you consider your difficulty? Whether it is your fault or not, God will use your weakness and difficulty for His glory. He will cancel them and provide ease. Focus not on your weakness or difficulty but on what God can do.

Judg 11:12-23  Although Jephthah was an outcast, he thought and spoke like a seed of Abraham. He believed that Israel’s claim to the land was based on God’s provision. He had the right mentality-possess your possession (what God has given you). Gold/wealth is more than money. It is about mentality. What do you believe?

Judge 11:32-33 Wealth is about advancement. Jephthah saw advancement after the battle. You must be ready to fight but only from a place of victory. The fight is already arranged to favour you.

Judge 11:34-35 Wealth transfer is about a sacrifice and sanctification. It’s not about living selfishly. You must be sold out to only what God wants.

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