What is Faith really for?








Matt 6:1-5; 19-21

The perception that faith is the currency for the Kingdom is not all that faith is. Also, the misconception of gauging your faith by what goes on around you is not the correct interpretation (representation) of faith.

Matt 6:1, 4

Your actions are either seen by men or seen by God. Are you a man-pleaser?

Heb 11:2

Faith is your right response to God’s word based on your conviction of who God is, If you don’t know God, you are not in faith. When you meet with God, you encounter Him. From this encounter, you receive a revelation of who God is to you, Based on this revelation, you develop a conviction of who God is to you. The only reason you respond to God is because you are convinced that God has your good interest.

Heb 11:6; Gal 2:20

Faith is your journey from your Adamic nature to your Christ-like nature. The more you move in faith the more like Christ you become. Faith is a journey into who Christ is. IF Jesus pleased God, then this means that there is only one life that can please God, not your works! Every step you take in Christ is that which pleases God. Jesus is the author of faith.

Rom 10:17

Your faith is initiated by Christ for you and sent to you. Having received this faith, you walk in the reality of it. Do not be fooled, man is a powerful being and self-belief works! BUT it has no place in God, eternity. The only destination of your faith is in Christ. The essence of your faith is your journey into the fullness of Christ, Faith is not a tool to get something but a walk into becoming like Christ!

Heb 12:1-2

Faith is like a marathon and every marathon has a route, the fact that you run your race and meet people at the finish line before you doesn’t mean that you all are on the same race. Each person has their own race and unique route (not all were on the race, some might have come as supporters, some to see the race, some as passers-by) so stay focused and quite comparison. It is not the results that we seek in this faith walk, but the transformation into becoming Christ-like. God’s intention for giving us faith is for or transformation and not merely for acquisition of carnal (temporal) things.

1 Cor 9:24-25; Luk 9:35

Everything about us as believer’s is to adopt the life of Christ, your watch word should be – what will Christ do?

Col 3:1-18

This is the model for a believer’s transformation. It is only the person who has been “transformed” that can fully submit. As brides of Christ, our faith walk requires us to “put-off” and “put-on” before we can be approved.

1 Cor 3:10-14

What drives you – competition or revelation?

Every word you receive initiates you into a deeper process, which leads to the a journey through the "wilderness" in order to build you up. Every wilderness process is a guarantee that there is a “promised land” thereafter. This is a faith-walk.

Faith is a journey into transformation. Prosperity, health, wealth, house, cars etc are the additions along the path of transformation. Keep your eyes on Jesus alone. Stop judging your faith by what you have acquired but by whom you are becoming.

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