What you have is enough!








Matt 25:14-29

Your talent is your life, whatever God has given to you to be of value to your generation; what you have to be profitable or increase and produce richly in life and be a blessing to your generation.

The purpose of the talent is to be a blessing/useful/to give a contribution.

Amos 7:14-15

Your assignment determines your talent. Your ability is determined by your design and your design by your assignment.

2 Cor 10:12

Stop demoralising yourself by gauging yourself by how others are doing.

Culture, trends, and timing determine relevance. The season revealed the relevance of ZOOM during the pandemic (2020), however, it had been in existence since 2012.

Your place of ability is where your life will take off. Everyone’s life will thrive from your place of ability. Embrace who you are, embrace the skillset that God has placed on the inside of you. If you don’t embrace yourself, you will not be a better person.

To one the master gave 5 (grace). There are people who are supremely gifted, they thrive with little effort, i.e. they do things with ease.

Then another received 2 (witness/union). Some will never be the best of themselves except they work in a team, some are at their best when they cooperate/collaborate with others. This is their unique design.

Then another was given 1. One is the number of pre-eminence/primacy. Meaning for you to get to 2, 5 etc, you must begin at 1. One might not appear relevant immediately but eventually would become supremely relevant. Embrace your design. Every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord.

The man with 1 buried his potential/value/worth etc. God expects to see profit in your life, if you are not making a contribution, there is no breakthrough. If you are contributing, then you would break through into more.

Matt 25:19

God is an Auditor. God came to settle accounts i.e. check if the servants were valuable. Between levels, there is accountability. When you are seeking God for promotion/upgrade, God is saying, how have you optimised your present level. For you to be elevated, you need to settle your accounts with God.

The key to progression is in giving because it is more blessed in giving than receiving. You cannot be unfaithful as a staff and you desire to launch your own business. If you have not been faithful in what belongs to another, you cannot be approved for an upgrade.

What is your contribution in your work; as a staff/ at church as a congregation member etc.

Matt 25:21, 23

If a person has not proven their faithfulness in service, you should not assign them a responsibility in your business else you are setting yourself up for ruins.

Don’t disqualify yourself by how men perceive you. God called both the 5+5 talent and the 2+2 talent good and faithful servants. To be good means to be beneficial; faithful means trustworthy. God is seeking good (beneficial), faithful (trustworthy), and servant-like (dependable) persons to promote.

Your talent does not affect your territory in life, it is the quality of your goodness and faithfulness that counts before God. God will not reward an arrogant, oppressive person. Your priority should be to seek to be beneficial and trustworthy and see yourself rising. This is God’s template for promotion. God said to the servant (5 & 2 talent); you have been faithful over few things but I will make you ruler over many things.

Everything you do must be for the audience of one, God not men.

Matt 25:24-27

Even that which you despise was given to you by God. Every time you feel like another person’s talent is better than yours shows that you are despising what God has given you. Celebrate your effort and be grateful. The 1-talent man devalued the talent and buried it. His master tagged him wicked and lazy; i.e. self-centered.

The master said to the 1-talent man that he should have taken the money to the bank. Meaning the money had the potential to gain interest. Similarly, use your 1-talent to serve. Everyone has something to give, use your talent to serve another. Whatever you have, spend it don’t sit on it (burry). There is value in whatever you have no matter how little you perceive it. Spend yourself. Stop seeking to gain more, use what you have to serve others. Be a blessing to others.

The key to your portion is to spend what you have (i.e. service). When you serve, value is multiplied.

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