Why ask When?










Ecc 9: 11-16

Time is given to everyone equally, regardless of your status, race, gender, religion etc. Time is a unit of measurement of progress.

Ecc 9: 11 No matter how skilled and learned one is, we are all victims of circumstance.  

Ecc 9: 14-15; 2 Cor 8:9 Our Lord Jesus is the wise man that delivered the city, yet no one esteemed nor remembered Him.

John 11: 20-22 The passing of time causes one to doubt and lose hope. Due to the passing of time (delay), your faith may appear eroded and your expectation begins to diminish.

John 5: 1-7 Don’t partner with the devil through your words of declaration and acknowledgment. Your words become a stronghold which the adversary uses to your disadvantage. Don’t stop believing God’s word as you face opposition, instead, engage a higher level of faith, hope and trust in our God, whose words never fail. He is always on time. Speak God’s words to your problem and quit focusing / meditating on your challenges.

John 1:1; 6:63 Until you get to know the person of Christ Jesus, you cannot appreciate His words. Christ and the word are one.

Heb 13:8 God’s word is not subject to time or events. His word is potent in every situation and at every season of life.

Ecc 9:15 Do not despise the poor wise man, get to know Him. Let your expectations be based on God, not on time or your circumstances. Determine in your heart, Lord I want to be right with you.

Prov 10:28; 23:18 Desire to value the ‘logos’ word of God then the spirit of His word will be made manifest in your life.

Re-set your focus on Jesus Christ who is the word of God personified. Hold fast to your faith in God which has the capacity to transform you in spite of the passing of time.

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