Winning the battles of life








Rev 3:21; 1 John 4:4

The life of a believer will at some point go through contention, you would have to overcome the challenges of life.

To go ahead of life, you always have to overcome barriers. The criteria to reign with Christ is to have overcome. Because you are of God, you have the ability to overcome whatever challenges life throws at you. We have victory in Christ, however as long as we are here on earth, we must live out our victory daily.

There are things that were not so in the beginning, therefore you should not accommodate such in your life. Christ came to reset and restore us back to God’s original agenda.

Gen 3:15 This was the beginning of warfare.

Rev 3:17; Luk 21:7-19

There is an ongoing warfare between the seed of the woman and the serpent. The devil and his agent are on operation on earth, this is a territorial fight waging war against the plans and purposes of God for His children.

The elements of warfare helps us to understand how to navigate the challenges of life. They are:

Conflict: Conflict are the reasons for war. As believers we must understand that we are in an unresolvable conflict. This is the conflict between the seed of the woman (the Church) and the serpent (the Devil). When you try to find the middle ground within the conflict, this becomes compromise! You must take your stand in Christ against every conflict of life. Speak the word, refuse to compromise and agree with the devil, raise your head above the storm. A friendship can never exist between the child of God and the devil.

1 Thess 2:2

Be ready, prepared to live your Christian life in constant daily conflict. The life we have in Christ, you would have to stand your ground through conflict to manifest your life in Christ, do not give up. You must be bold as a believer. Maintain your posture in Christ, your position is from victory because you are born of God.


The Battlefied: Every war takes place in the battlefield. The believer’s battle takes place at 2 levels: higher ground and lower ground.

Higher ground: the spiritual realm, evil is perpetuated or dismantled through altars. Every troop seeks the advantage place to displace the enemy. Your personal and family altar is important.


1 Kings 18

The quality of sacrifice on the altar will determine the quality of its effectiveness and manifestation. If you don’t build a strong altar, your head would be bowed down to the enemy. Your intellect cannot help you, the odds physically will always be against you, but you need to engage on the higher ground through your altar – engage your altar.

It is important to know that you have to generate power – how much sacrifice are you willing to put on that altar; your time, sacrifice, flesh, resources. The greater your sacrifice, then fire will fall.


1 Chr 21:24-26

Our altars are ineffective because the altar lacks sacrifice. Shut yourself down and engage your altar. Is your altar costing you something?

Lower ground: this is a powerful as the higher ground, this is the mind of the believer.

Rom 12:1-2; 2 Cor 10:4-5; Eph 6:17; Prov 4:23

The helmet of salvation is to protect your head (mind), salvation is through repentance to align your mind with Christs. Thoughts become strongholds because you have built a case or argument for the position. As a man thinks so he is. Renew your mind in Christ Jesus. Rid yourself of mental sickness (fear, anxiety, depression).

Isa 26:3; Phil 4:6-7

Guard your health, steady your mind in the Lord because you trust in God.

An Agent or Soldier: Wars do not fight themselves, entities fight wars. There is an entity that is enlisted to wage war against God’s kingdom, by the kingdom of darkness.

Believers and angels are enlisted to fight for the Kingdom of God. Fighting by ourselves takes longer, the ministry of angels is available to believers.

Psa 103:20; Heb 1:13-14; Dan 6:22

When you know how to release the word of God, you can release the angels on assignment. When angels are at work, you are at rest. Beware that civilisation is a limitation to your supernatural potency.

Weapons of War: Battles are fought with weapons.

2 Cor 10:3-5; Acts 10:38

The anointing of God is the weapon of God. Even Jesus was equipped with the anointing.

Luke 3:21; 4:14; Matt 5:6

Power is generated, the filling of the Holy Spirit can be impacted, however, power is generated in your constant prayer, sacrifices, in your altar. This takes process and time. You generate power in different capacities. You must hunger, pay the price and be in pursuit for it.

Victory: You can’t go into war with feeling of defeat and expect to win. Victory is a state of mind. 1 John 5:4

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