Wisdom and Power, the way forward








1 Cor. 1:18-29

The essence of wisdom is in the result that it produces. Wisdom produces result.

Luke 2:35; Mark 6:2

Wisdom births results. The wisdom given to you is justified by the children (results/fruits) it produces, not in how deep or powerful or profound you may sound. Wisdom must be measured by the result produced.

1 Cor. 1:17

There is the wisdom of words and wisdom of the cross. The wisdom of words brings human glory but it would not produce the peaceable fruits of righteousness however, the wisdom of the cross may sound foolish but will produce the righteousness of God that births your God-given destiny. The evidence of the wisdom of the cross may bring ridicule, foolishness, vulnerability but will result in the peaceable fruit of righteousness. The evidence of the wisdom of words creates factions and comparisons in the body of Christ.

2 Tim 4:3

The wisdom of words leads to comparison, feeds on the flesh and builds factions. This is a distraction from the true source of actions. To access the wisdom of God (cross), you must move beyond the flesh. The wisdom of the cross embraces submission, vulnerability, it does what the word of God says even when the world is mocking you.

Phil 2:8

The wisdom of the cross is such that wherever God places you, you embrace it even if it feels unpalatable. If you appear as a fool for the word sake, you are wise, it denies you of what you want in order to access what God has for you.

Isa 44:3

You cannot be more Christ-like unless you embrace the cross. Hunger and thirst speak of desire for Godly manifestation and Godly wisdom. The dry ground signify places that demons occupy, however water signifies a supply of the spirit of God. To access the water, there must be thirst and an environment of dryness. The wisdom of the cross will open unto you in Jesus name, Amen!

You are the righteousness of God in Christ, God is calling you to superior knowledge.

1 Cor. 1:21

You don’t experience the wisdom of God by trying harder or doing more. It is not in how hard you try, you experience the wisdom of God through faith, rest, and by Godly fear. You can fast, pray, sow so much in an attempt to force the hand of God.

Heb 11:3

There are certain dimensions of God you would never understand except by faith. Abraham’s wisdom appeared ridiculous to many when he took his family to a land that he did not know, he walked by faith in the God that called him. Our faith is anchored on His word, only believe.

Heb 5:7

Jesus embraced the death of a cross by absolute faith, rest and Godly fear in the wisdom of God, the wisdom of the cross. God does not hear you if you do not submit. Your answer is in your submission. To experience the wisdom of God, you must come to a place of submission. Stubbornness renders the power of God non-effect.

I Cor 1:18

Power is the capacity to generate results amidst resistance. Power is activated when you become less of yourself and more of Christ, by following through on the cross i.e. embracing the process God is taking you through. The less of yourself and the more of Christ within you. Every form of crucifixion you pass through is releasing a greater dimension of power. Embrace your cross, keep going and keep processing in His presence.

The power of your cross is your dependence on God. Pay attention to the word of God.

1 Cor 1:25

The foolishness of God is wiser than men. Stop trying to make things work, submit to God, allow yourself to be made a ridicule, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.

The wisdom of God might make you look like a fool but it will produce great results that will make you a wonder to many.

Embrace your cross.

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