You must hear God

cog.jpgGod speaks but many, e.g, the Jews did not hear Him as most Jews do not believe that Jesus came as the Messiah. God is still speaking, will you hear Him?

God is alive and well although all other gods are dead, i.e., they do not respond to any petitions nor have power to offer any help.

God speaks in many different ways Heb 1:1. He speaks through:

Works: Elijah prayed and God sent down fire. 1st Kings 18:36-38

Words: Prophecy

The bible records “God said” 43 times, “The Lord” says 234 times and “The Spirit says” 2 times. This shows God is a speaking God and everyone, not just pastors, should hear Him.

God wants to speak to you and through you. How far you go in life depends on how much you hear from God.

There are different ways you receive from God:

Hearing: After praying, give time to meditating so you can hear God.

Feeling: Feelers can get a perception. Jesus “felt” virtue left Him. Luke 8:46. You can learn how to.

Seeing: Peter fell into a trance, i.e., he was awake but saw a vision. Acts 10:10. In John 12: 28-29, a voice came from heaven whilst Jesus was with a crowd.

In receiving from God, at times the message may be distorted by your own prejudices or perspective. For instance, in the trance, God was passing on a message that nothing He has made clean is unclean. Peter’s Judaic background distorted the message and he saw the trance as a test of his faith. Although a voice came from heaven, some of the crowd heard it as thunder and others as an angel’s voice. You should therefore learn not to take yourself too seriously. If you don’t get the message right the first time, be quick to retrace your steps and not be cocky. Learn to move on. Be sensitive and sensible.

Prayer: May the voice of the Lord be clear to me in the morning and in the night…amen

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