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Dan 1:3-20

Honour is the right response to the recognition of Gods glory in a person’s life. The natural man attempts to minimise the glory in another person’s life. This is a complex that tries to undermine or minimise the glory / result in the life of another person, this is a manifestation of insecurity. Wherever there is insecurity, there will be comparison.

When you minimise the glory of God in a person’s life, you hinder yourself from accessing the same flow into your life. If you dismiss this, your life will automatically repel it and you will not partake in the flow of God’s glory into your life.

Gen 39:2-5

The fact that you are in a higher level than a subordinate does not make you to ignore or undermine the grace / glory / blessing of God in the life of others. You sow / honour / celebrate the glory of God in the life of others regardless of their level in life.

Glory comes from a Hebrew word kabod means to make heavy and weighty. Glory also from the greek word doxa meaning opinion. Your life can either be filled with the presence of God or Sin. Sin can occupy the life of a man and yet the life in the spirit realm carries no weight. When God’s presence abides in the life of a person, the opinion about you will (must) correlate with the extent of the glory of God that your carry. What you need in your life is to increase in the weight of God’s glory in your life (the presence of God).

Acts 10:38

There are 3 things that God deposits upon the life of a person:

  • The Holy Ghost and Power – i.e. the presence of God.
  • Doing good – i.e. through your gifting and ability
  • God being with you – i.e. the grace of God.

The open doors you enjoy in your life is a manifestation of the glory of God that you carry.

John 2:11

Until men recognise God’s weight in your life, they would never believe in you. Glory has to be manifested for honour to be given.

The manifestation of God’s glory in your life is through His presence, your gifting and the grace of God.

Whenever there is deficit of glory (or dormant glory), there will exist a form of disrespect. It is value that gives recognition.

You need to gain weight in God, you cannot contend with the future based on the weight of yesteryears.

The quality of your weight is dependent on what you are full of and what you are full of is dependent on what you feed on.

What are you feeding on?

Dan 1:5, 8-10

You need to be consistent for 3 years minimum before you can stand before Kings. The Hebrew children fed consistently for 3 years before they could stand before the King.

Face comes from the Hebrew word paniym meaning surface. Your face is the surface of your heart. Your countenance as a person is dependent on what is going on in your heart. What you feed on does not go into your stomach but into your heart. A bad face is a reflection of a poor heart and a poor heart is a product of wrong thinking. What you think on is based on the words you allow to settle in your heart.

Dan 1:12

The king’s meat and wine means the kings beliefs, attitude, values and perspective to life. This simply means to adapt to the Kings culture, makes you a clone of the King. This is the principal culture of the Kings domain. God never created you to be a clone. Where you buy into the culture of a domain, this then means you are eating the Kings meat.

Daniel and the Hebrew children decided to eat only vegetables and water (these were sourced from God). This carries the presence of God. The information that you are basing your decisions on, is it man or God. Are you being led by God or driven by men?

Dan 1:15

The Hebrew children’s countenance were brighter and healthier. It is what your soul ingests that will fill your heart, this influences your countenance. 10 days of feeding on the right thing will shift your countenance positively.

Dan 1:17

As the Hebrew children fed on the diet that was sourced by God, that which was dormant within them suddenly came alive.

Glory is a product of hunger. If you are full, you cannot carry glory. For you to access glory, you need to empty yourself of what you are full of. When you engage in a fast, you are emptying yourself of yourself (ideas, plans, mind-set etc)

Daniel and the Hebrew children fasted off the Kings food and became consecrated solely (devoted themselves) to what God provided. The fasting is not in food deprivation but it is a posture to God, constantly listening to the spirit of God.

The devil introduces doubt to overthrow you out of rank, however fasting establishes your rank. It is what is within you that you speak out. For you to be established in your rank, your appetite must be curbed. An inordinate desire can make you lose your place. Get into the word, feed on the word. It is more profitable to feast on the word than praying alone.

Fasting maximises your rank. You gain back your access in fasting. Fill yourself with God’s presence and power and then you can walk in authority.

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