You need to gain weight: The Purpose of difficult people








Matt 11:28-30

Hab 2:14

Glory is God’s presence in a given space, i.e. God’s spiritual atmosphere. This means there is a space that must be filled. The atmosphere of God’s glory enables, a believer is not built to exist (excel) outside of God’s presence. In like manner, the fish cannot survive outside its enables-atmosphere i.e. the sea. Without the presence of God, every gifting, capability, within a person cannot be activated.

Gen 39:2

The glory of God is specific to a certain environment for each person. There is a place of planting that you must be part of in order to stay connected to God’s presence. Joseph was prosperous because God was with him.

Where does God want you to be?

The presence of God is accessed by obedience not prayer. Prayer brings you to a place where you are willing to obey. God’s glory is location specific.

There are times when even though you are in the presence of God, you begin to experience challenges. In these instances, God allows us to experience difficulties because He wants us to re-access His glory in a deeper fashion. Re-connection is never by default but by intent. The presence of God you had yesterday is not sufficient for the present and the future needs.

Mark 9:14

Every time God places a demand on you is because He knows you have the capacity to pay, the question is are you willing to pay the price / are you lazy? The higher you go, the easier it is to contend with the adversary. Your place of dominion is higher than lower grounds. You are sitted with Christ in the heavenly places. Until your mind is thinking heavenly thoughts, you are not ready to contend.

There are 2 classes of challenges: Difficult Situations and Difficult People.

Matt 11:28-30

When you access the presence of God and God releases His presence, He comes to lead you rather than “assist/help” you. Remember, God is Lord, He remains Sovereign and in charge. God’s presence requires that you submit to His help in the form of divine instructions.

The system of the world is based on toil and effort, but in the Kingdom, it is not of Him that willeth or runneth but God that shows mercy. We struggle when we do things our way however, we thrive when we do things God’s way.

Matt 11:28

When you keep trying to do things your way, it would become laborious and wearisome. When you have been trying over and over again and it is not working, you come to God and at this point, God gives you rest.

God’s agenda is to establish you in your destiny, Kingship. When you come to God, He will give you rest (answers to your prayers). The rest He gives is for recovery from all of your labour.

Matt 11:29

God answers your prayers initially so He can start teaching you about His system and your destiny. Take His yoke and learn of Him. So that when He takes you to your destination, you will be fit for the room that He has prepared for you. The second rest is found. God takes you through process to equip you to be fit for your destiny.

When you come to church, the word of God that you receive (learning of HIM) builds you up so you can be deployed into destiny.

James 1:2-4 Unless you are patient with God, you may not be perfect and entire.

God wants you to be like Christ, the moment you become like Christ, you will fit into your destiny. God brings difficult people our way so we can become likfe Christ.

God brings difficult people to smoothen your rough edges (cleanse you) until you become the best version of yourself.

Christ weighed things in regard to eternal significance and He never personalised anything. Whoever helps your destiny is a friend even if they hate you. Likewise, whoever hinders your destiny via comfort and indulgence is actually not your friend but your foe.

Psa 23:5; Matt 5:45

When you start experiencing difficult people you need to bring the situation to God. Then God allows you to see the person in a different light. When you go to God to pray about that person, you should not go before God complaining but rather thank God for the good in the life of that person. The fact that the person may not have done you good does not mean the person is not good. Stop personalising offence. You have to see the person through the eyes of God.

Luk 21:37

When you pray, you inhale God and exhale self. You thought you were a good person until that difficult person shows up. God brings this situation to reveal to you who you really are. It is not the person that is the problem but what is in you that God wants to deal with.

If Jesus had not come to a place where He did not hold anything against the Pharisees or anyone, He may not have risen from the dead. Jesus overcame ALL and nothing evil was found in Him.

Let the mind of Christ be in you, that you may come into the fullness of your destiny.


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