Your Expected End


Jer 29:11 God’s expected end can be seen in His word. His word is seed and every seed must bear fruit. God’s will for everyone is that we be fruitful and multiply. There is a progression so any area suffering barrenness is not the will of God so you should not tolerate it. Job 8:7

However, don’t be offended when things do not work your way. God understands your offence but He says come let us reason together. Go to God with an open face and not a veil, i.e. be real about your situation.

How do you initiate the journey to the expected end? Through the Word.

Everything starts with a word and God cannot be separated from His word. Words are expression of thoughts to you. It can be the thoughts of God or man. God’s thought for man is dominion but opinions of men limit you. Dominion means everything in your life must serve the purpose of God in your life. God’s word must come into fulfillment. Fulfillment is a mark of dominion therefore the purpose for your job, marriage, location will bring fulfilment.

Decisions emanate from the word:

  • Gen 12: 1-4 Abraham departed because of the word and he became a father of many nations. Although he did not have the ability to procreate, the grace of God worked for him.
  • Gen 11: 4 The builders of the tower of Babel had the ability to carry out their decision but their decision did not stand because it was not of God.
  • Gen 39:19-20 Joseph’s brothers had the ability to destroy his dream but in spite of them, he became what God had ordained for him.

Every word you believe you receive, every word you receive you become.

The word is a location in the realm of the spirit. It comes to refill what life’s trials take away. You cannot exercise dominion more than your identity. So when you are running low on dominion, get into the word.

Your heart is your subconscious mind. It is what defines you as a person. Until the word of God sinks into your subconscious, it will not bear fruit. Prov 4: 23 Issues are what you have allowed to enter into your subconscious (heart); they are what we have accepted.

Prov. 23:7. How does God change things? Through wisdom. Wisdom is the knowledge God has breathed upon. Your stature is tied to wisdom. Rom 12:2 we transform through the word of God and as the word works transformation in us we can then begin to gain delight in His word. Psa 1:2

The word is your reference. Don’t be conformed to how men have judged your situation.

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